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Escort Web Design provides discreet and secure web design services to men or women in the escort and companionship industries 

Will it take a huge investment?

No, We get you on the Internet for a small monthly fee, no huge design bills, no unpredictable update charges, no wasted time or effort. Your time and money can be spent on your service, not on web site maintenance. We provide the complete service in one tidy package.

Will you take care of everything?

Yes, WE register your Domain name, WE design your site, WE scan your images, format your text and make regular updates to your site as your service needs change. All this for a fixed monthly fee - no huge designer fees, no complicated dealings with techies, no worrying about when you can find the time to update your site, WE do EVERYTHING for you.

Do you retouch photos?

Yes we can edit and retouch your photos for your escort site. However, please note this service would be subject to extra costs. Photo editing is a job in itself and it would take a significant amount of time to retouch photos.

Do I need to have a web Server?

You do not need your own server space. Your web site will be hosted on our servers maintained by one of the leading providers of Internet access. All you need is a dial - up service for your modem so that you can collect your e-mails.

Do I need to have a web site?

Look in your service magazines. How many of your competitors have an email address and web site already? Do you want to be the last? or maybe even too late! When the Cool Town Project kicks off, Every service, Every Item, Every Person will need to have one.. Just like a phone number.

I'm not on the internet yet, How do I get on?

Speak to your telephone service provider. Most have very inexpensive or even free "dial-up" services and will supply you with a CD that makes it easy to set up. Connection charges should be no more than the cost of a local call. If you expect to spend a lot of time connected you may want a second phone line or share one with your fax machine.

You will need a modem for your computer - most new ones come with modems already fitted. We will be pleased to advise you on the best method of connecting to the Internet for your service, see some links in our support section.

How do clients find my web site?

The World wide Web consists of millions of "pages" available on the Internet. There are directories (like and search sites that assist users in finding the pages that they want. These sites use "search engines" to register and catalogue the pages. We optimise your home page for search engines and register your site with over 26 of the most important of them. You can increase the "traffic" to your website by ensuring that it is referred to in everything you publish. We provide a guide to enhancing your sites effectiveness when you join us.

Do I need to have a computer?

NO, You can still have your own web site and email address. We will look after it for you and will forward your e-mails by fax*.

Modern computers are easy to use and cheap to buy. They serve a wide range of service functions from just typing letters to managing your entire service paper work - and they are fun, so why not try one out. A visit to your local stockist may be quite an eye-opener!, Also check out our 'Special Offers' page, as we sometimes get wind of some great deals and put the links on this page.

How do you manage to offer the best price, product, service and after sales support?

Central to our thinking is that by keeping overheads low and employing field specialists as and when required, clients can be provided with a higher and more focused level of service leading to deliverables which are both clearly defined and built to industry standards which allow future proof maintenance at lower cost.